Prokletije VK (Vertical kilometer) 2022. is part of the VK OPEN Championships series -


For all who like fast, short and steep trails!

Eight races in seven countries, and Montenegro for the first time among the best. Side to side with Brazil, Chile, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria and Spain.

More information about whole VK caravan and rules -

So, we are preparing the third edition of the „steepest” format of skyrunning and the only VK race after a long time. The first two editions were held in 2015 and 2016. It is the same location. There is no need to change a trail of good quality. In the meantime the trail got the VK certificate from the world association – ISF which organizes this world series. The start is from Grebaja valley (Katun Maja Karanfil) towards Karanfili peaks, and the stop is near Krošnja pass (1.100 m of climb in 3,5 km). Applications are open from June 22nd on the portal The registration fee is 2.400 RSD. If payment is completed by August 1st, the runner will get a unique finisher medal and a T-shirt within the participant’s package. After that time the application is possible also on the day of the race, but the runners won’t get a medal and a T-Shirt.


The race has mass start, but separated for the elite runners and the open race.

It is scheduled on Sunday, August 14th at 9 AM, the day after the SkyRace and the SkyUltra. It is possible to be postponed later that day in case of bad weather conditions.


The trail leads you from the Katun Maja Karanfil and you have some 500 m of running along a flat surface (on the trail you have 20 m more of the flat surface, and that’s it, the rest is just climb). Everything will be marked with little flags and ribbons. The start line is visible until 750 m of climb, which gives a special charm to this race – 3/4 of the race is visible from the start line. From the finish line it will not be allowed to move further towards Severni (North) peak of Karanfili, because of the very exposed terrain and the danger of falling. Our people from the race organization will be there and aim you towards the safe direction and the start line.

The famous Krošnja pass took 6 live until now. Please climb these peaks some other time in your own arrangement – and not on the day of the race. The race organizer is responsible for everything what is happening in that part of the Prokletije mountains that day, so we ask you for cooperation and understanding, with the view of safety for all of us.

Very important! Pay attention to the rockslides. The trail isn’t without a danger. So, if you roll down a rock by your foot, you must warn the other runners by shouting: ROCK (in Serbian KAMEN)! Listen out also above yourself, there will be the rockslides for sure. One 300 m section climbs zigzag along hairpin turns and it is very difficult. There will be our people specially to watch every your step. Prokletije require focus and respect on a maximum level. One second is enough for a serious injury. Be careful.

The trail profile and GPX record is impossible to get, because every GPS device reads an error, because you are on a serious vertical terrain. On the top there is NO WATER, so we recommend you to bring water with yourself. On this trail (this race format) there is no aid station. You are completely autonomous. A survival blanket is mandatory, we’ll check it on the top. If it is missing, 10 minutes will be add to finish time. The poles are allowed, but take care strictly not to injure your colleague runners behind you.

Time limit:

The time limit is 120 minutes. We will use photocells, so you’ll get your times with hundredths. Let’s the fastest win!

Race packages:

The race office is in Gusinje (exact location we will announce later) on Friday, August 12th, from 5:00 PM until 11:00 PM. Also on the day of the race from 8:00 AM until 9:00 AM in Katun Maja Karanfil.

The packages must be picked up in person. Medical certificate is not obligatory for this race.

Technical meeting is also on Friday at 9:00 PM (you’ll get exact location through the final e-mail).


Each competitor must wear the bib in a visible place, on the chest or on the belt, on the front, attached to a jacket or a T-shirt, it must not be covered with a jacket! Losing a bib means an automatic disqualification.

There are no spots in VK races where you can withdraw, you have to go down to the start line by yourself.

Should you have any complaints you can contact us at - within 48 hours after the finish of the race. After this time no complaints will be taken into consideration.

This race doesn’t carry any points in the League of Serbia and Montenegro. Just in the World series.


We recommend you to book as soon as possible hotels, weekend cottages and eco katuns. For the beginning you can contact local TO Gusinje

Useful information:


In front of the Katun Maja Karanfil in Grebaja right after the race. The top three places in men’s and women’s category will receive the awards.

See you in Grebaja, welcome to Gusinje!