Welcome to the toughest sky race in the region! Frankly speaking, the most demanding sky race in the area. To avoid making a mistake in your preparation for it, like most colleague runners did in 2022 (when the first edition of this race was held), always read the first two sentences above from time to time.

Durmitor National Park needs no special introduction, a UNESCO heritage site for a reason. One of the most visited mountain massifs in this region.

The track carries points for UTMB (the largest mountain race on planet Earth), it also has an official ISF skyrunning certificate as well as ITRA points: https://tracedetrail.fr/fr/trace/trace/238547

The race additionally carries 50% more points in 2024 within our league (ULTRA format).

Durmitor SkyRace

So let's start, a real technical sky race that requires maximum focus. Technical sections, long alpine climbs and descents, rock creep, (and probably) snow sections regardless of the fact that this winter is mild (but we'll see).

Entering the heart of the NP through Škrka towards the steepest ascent of Durmitor! We made small changes compared to the first edition, the start and finish is on the shore of the Black Lake.

Length and altitude difference:

In total, according to ITRA, it covers 35.2 km with 2,800 m of ascent and descent. The device showed us 3,000 m of ascent, so expect more. The easiest part of the track towards Nadgora was not included, as you can see on the map. Here you will see what you are made of. Carefully study the profile of the trail and the points, the highest point is 2,400 m above sea level.

Race start:

The start is planned for July 27 (Saturday) 2024 from the Black Lake at 7 AM.

Track description:

The start is at Black Lake near the restaurant, from where the path leads to the famous Međed. The first section has forests, and then you go out to the upper part of the Durmitor massif, where you run along the pass that bypasses "Međede", down to Katun Lokvice. From there you climb Minin bogaz (2,387 m a.s.l.) via Sagorela Ploča. To Zupce and Trojni prevoj (CP1 / 11 km) where the first checkpoint awaits you (only checkpoint, no refreshments), then to Zeleni vir parallel to the Šareni pasovi through Urdeni dȏ, towards the asphalt where the second checkpoint is located (CP2 Šarban / 16km), together with the first refreshment.

After the refreshment, you start uphill towards Škrčko ždrelo to the top of the mighty Prutaš (CP3 / 20 km) where there will be only a checkpoint (2,393 m a.s.l.). That's your second peak in the race. The path leads you vertically towards the Škrčko lake, from where the strongest ascent of this massif awaits you. Veliko Škrčko jezero - Planinica (2,330 m above sea level), the third and last peak in the Durmitor SkyRace. We will now do our best to provide water on that peak, more information will be provided in the coming months. Further, through Ališnica you go towards Crepulj poljana and Zminje jezero (CP4 / 28km), where the refreshment and checkpoint wait for you. After that, you will turn from the main path near Mlinski potok to the right, towards the finish line at Black Lake, your starting point!

Time limits:

  • CP-1 – Trojni prevoj, 11th km of the race, 10:30 AM (3 hours and 30 minutes from the start) checkpoint only
  • CP-2 – Šarban, 16th km of the race, 12 PM (5 hours from the start) the first refreshment point
  • CP-3 – Prutaš, 20th km of the race, 2 PM (7 hours from the start) checkpoint only
  • CP-4 – Crepulj poljana, 28. km, 18:00 (11 hours from the start) the second refreshment point (with water on Planinica)
  • Finish – Black Lake 35 km, 19:00 (12 hours from the start)

Profile, GPX and race map:


As you can see, there is not much refreshment, the terrain is inaccessible. It is mandatory to carry enough water and food with you. You have to be semi-autonomous. Take this race very seriously, as in its first edition only 35% of runners managed to reach the finish line.

Mandatory equipment:

Astro-foil, rain/wind jacket, mobile phone, cup and whistle. If only one part of the equipment is missing - disqualification.
We recommend a GPS device and tracking poles, but you can't leave them at the checkpoints! You must be semi-autonomous (water, gels, etc.). All additional information about the race will be presented through the final email, as well as at the technical meeting on July 16, 2024, Friday at 9:00 PM.

Race packages:

The race office (race base) is in Žabljak (we will announce the exact location later, as well as the location of the technical meeting) on Friday, July 26, from 6 to 11 PM.
Packages must be picked up in person and a medical certificate, not older than one year, is required for this race. Registrations open in March and close on June 24, 2022. at 4 PM (this means that payments must be made by then).

In the race package, the runner receives a unique finisher's medal and a T-shirt, the registration fee is 4,100 dinars (35 euros) until March 25, after that the registration fee is 5,300 dinars (45 euros).

Registration: https://trka.rs/events/533/

We will not organize a minibus from Belgrade for race participants.


Each competitor must wear the bib in a visible place, on the chest or on the belt, on the front, attached to a jacket or a T-shirt, it must not be covered with a jacket! Losing a bib means an automatic disqualification.

There are two drop-off points where we can provide transportation to the finish line, CP2 and CP4.

All the complaints are to be sent to our email - skyrunning.montenegro@gmail.com within 48 hours after the race. After that, complaints will not be considered.

Durmitor SkyRace carries 50% more points in the 2024 season. The race also has an alternative course (option B) in case of bad weather. It is also possible to move the race to Sunday, if the organizer considers it safer since the track is dangerous in some parts.


Accommodation recommendation for all runners is to book hotels, cottages and eco-cottages as soon as possible, since the race is in the height of the season. To begin with, you can contact the local TO Žabljak https://www.tozabljak.com/kontakt/

Useful information:


At the finish line near Black Lake on Saturday, July 27, 2024 at 7:30 PM at the finish gate. The first three places in the male and female categories receive prizes, more about the prize fund in June and the final email.

Get ready for the director of all mountains! And the true race of the season, the KIMA Trophy of the Balkans!