We are opening the 10th season on the ski slopes of the "Kolašin 1600" ski center on February 24, 2024!

After two editions on Kopaonik and two editions on Jahorina, the winter racing caravan moves to Montenegro, to the Bjelasica mountain. A very attractive and difficult skyrunning format, the new track is serious and thus becomes the first certified SkySnow race by the ISF in this part of Europe. In addition, it carries 1 ITRA point as well as a mountain rating of 6 - https://tracedetrail.fr/fr/trace/trace/238246 (you can see all the details and download the GPX at this link).

For the first time, one of our SkySnow races goes over 2,000 m above the sea level. The longest ascent section is 370 m and the longest descent is 460 m.

The sponsor of the event is TO Kolašin with the support of NTO, Ski Resorts of Montenegro, Hotel Bianca and NGO Sinjavinski Marathon. The race carries points for the Skyrunning League of Montenegro and Serbia, and is a precondition for going to the World Championship in Spain.

Before you embark on this adventure, you must know that the right choice of equipment is crucial for this race. Mini crampons or sneakers with spikes help a LOT and make life easier on this kind of surface. Especially since the new trail has very steep parts and is very demanding. On the highest climbs, we recommend walking on the edge of the trails to avoid the ice. The same recommendation applies to the poles, we highly recommend them.

Here are a few links that you might find useful:

Running on well-trodden ski trails is a special experience, talk to your colleagues who participated in previous years’ races to share their experience and impressions with you.

13.3 km with 1,350 m of ascent and 1,190 m of descent await you. The start is planned for February 24 (Saturday) 2024 at the first stop of the K7 ski lift at 5:30 a.m. within the "Kolašin 1600" ski center. The road leads you slowly in the first few minutes and you immediately start uphill to the right on the vertical ski slopes, where a real roller coaster awaits you from the start to the mountain lodge Vranjak (7 km from the start), where the only refreshment, control and check of mandatory equipment is located.

After that, you go to the highest elevation point of the ski resort as well as of the race, to Troglav, where there will be a snow groomer waiting for the runners in case they break the limit (and transport them to the finish line).

A serious vertical awaits you there.

From the top you will (hopefully) have a fantastic view of the Montenegro mountains and the road to the fairy-tale villages, and the finish line awaits you below the restaurant on the plateau at the level of the ski lodge and the ski ticket sales office. The track does not intersect anywhere, and we send the exact positions with the time limits of the control points in the final email a few days before the race. Some controls will not be announced in order to make sure that no one short-cuts the course.

You must definitely arrive at your destination by 9 o'clock when the ski resort opens. That's the deadline to finish the race.

The trails will be marked with blue or red spray (arrows on the snow) plus flags and ribbons.

The snowmobile team will also follow the course of the race, as will the local GSS.

Time limits:

  • Troglava (10,5 km) 8:40
  • Finish –Troglava Restaurant 09:00 (3 h 30 min from the start)

Vranjak refreshment point 7th km (the list of things that will be at this point will arrive in the final email).

At the finish line, a home-style breakfast awaits you at the Troglava restaurant.

GPX record of the race can be downloaded here - Sky Snow Kolasin 2024.gpx

Be sure to carry enough water and food with you. You must always be autonomous.

Mandatory equipment: astro-foil, jacket / whistler, mobile phone, headlamp, gloves, cap, glass and whistle. There are no penalties, the lack of any piece of mandatory equipment is an automatic disqualification. We recommend poles that have small snowshoes (plastic stops) on them, but you can't leave them on the points. If you leave poles somewhere or throw them away, that is also a disqualification. We especially recommend the GPS with the race route inserted! We all know what the weather conditions were like in February 2022 on Jahorina, and that's why you have to be as prepared as possible.

All additional information about the race will be presented through the final email, the technical meeting will be held at the Bianca Hotel on Friday, February 23 at 9 p.m.

Starting packages are picked up at the departure office at the Bianca Hotel in the center of Kolašin on Friday, February 23, from 6 to 10 p.m. Packages must be picked up in person to sign a waiver, no medical required. Applications close on January 29, 2024. at 4 p.m. (this means that payments must be made by then). In the participant's package, the runner receives a unique finisher's medal, a cotton T-shirt and breakfast at the finish line (a special voucher).

The registration fee is 2,400 dinars (20 euros) until Friday, November 17, and from that period it is 3,600 dinars (30 euros) until closing.

Applications are, as always, on the trka.rs portal. Transportation (participant minibus) from Belgrade is not organized.

Inquiries about accommodation can be sent to the email: tokolasin@gmail.com

Free accommodation will be organized in the Sports Hall in the center of Kolašin. Write to us for that option.

The local TO will also organize minibus transportation from the center of Kolašin to the ski center and back at favorable prices. Write to them for that option.

Each competitor must wear bib in a visible place, on the chest or on the belt, on the front. On the jacket, it must not be covered with a jacket! Losing a bib is an automatic disqualification. Complaints are submitted to our email - skyrunning.montenegro@gmail.com within 48 hours after the race. After that, complaints are not considered.

The organizer has the discretion to postpone the race for Sunday in case of bad weather forecast, to change the route and revert to "track B" or to stop the race if it is estimated that the conditions are dangerous for the participants.

Awards: in the Troglava restaurant not far from the finish gate at 9:15, right after the race. The first three places in the male and female categories receive prizes.

We can't wait for this event, it's always a great pleasure to open a new location and run on new trails! We believe that most of you will also enjoy skiing after the race, as we surely will :) .

See you in Kolašin!