Welcome to the most challenging skyrace of the league in 2022!

Durmitor National Park needs no special introduction, a UNESCO heritage site for a reason. One of the most visited mountain massifs in this region.

The trail carries points for UTMB (the largest mountain race on Earth) and it also has an official ISF skyrunning certificate https://www.skyrunning.com/certified-courses/?_sft_country=montenegro ), as well as Prokletije, for the World Cup in skyrunning. The race additionally brings 50% more points in 2022 within our league.

Durmitor SkyRace

This is a real skyrace that requires maximum of your focus due to its technical sections, long alpine ascents and descents, gravelly terrain, and snow sections.
It will lead you through the very heart of the national park through Škrka valley onwards to the steepest ascent of Durmitor!

Length and altitude difference:

A total of 37 km according to ITRA processing with 3,100 m of ascent and descent. Our record showed more ascents (3,500 m), bear this in mind, especially when you come around Zminje Lake. This is the format of the Sky Race trail at the World Cup in Italy, so we now have it in our backyard! Here you will see what you are made of. Study the profile of the trail and the control points well, the highest point is 2,400 mamsl.

Race start:

The start is scheduled for July 16, 2022 (Saturday) from Žabljak at 7 AM.

Track description:

The start is located not far from Crno jezero (the Black Lake), from where you start on the path towards the famous Medjed. The first section has forests, after which you come to the upper part of the Durmitor massif, and from there you go to the pass that bypasses "Medjede", descending towards Lokvice Mountain Hut. From there you climb Mina’s bogaz (2,387 mamsl) over Sagorela Ploča. Onwards to Zupce and Trojni pass (CP1 / 11km) where the first control is waiting for you (only control, no refreshment), then towards Zeleni vir parallel to Šareni passes through Urdeni Do, to the asphalt where the second control is waiting for you (CP2 Sharban / 16km) as well as the first refreshment.

After refreshments, you go uphill towards Škrčko ždrelo to the top of the mighty Prutaš (CP3 / 20 km) where you will have only control (2,393 mamsl). This is your second peak in the race. The trail leads you vertically to Škrčko Lake, from where on the steepest ascent of this massif awaits you. Great Škrčko Lake - Planinica (2,330 mamsl) is the third and last peak within Durmitor SkyRace. Through Ališnica you go to Crepulj Valley and Zminje Lake (CP4 / 28km) where another refreshment and control awaits you. After that, you separate from the broad path near Mlinski spring to the left, uphill towards Bosača along lesser-known paths. From there, continue towards the dense forests of Rakita’s ponds at the foot of Mali Štuoc towards the finish gate in Nadgora!

Time limits:

  • CP-1 – Trojni prevoj, 11th km of the race, 10:30 AM (3 hours and 30 minutes from the start) checkpoint only
  • CP-2 – Šarban, 16th km of the race, 12 PM (5 hours from the start) the first refreshment point
  • CP-3 – Prutaš, 20th km of the race, 2 PM (7 hours from the start) checkpoint only
  • CP-4 – Crepulj meadow, 28th km of the race, 5:30 PM (10 hours and 30 minutes from the start) second refreshment point
  • Finishv – Nadgora 37th km, 7 PM (12 hours from the start)

Profile, GPX and race map:  SkyRace Durmitor 2022 gpx

As you can see there are only few refreshment points since the terrain is inaccessible. Make sure you bring enough water and food with you.

Mandatory equipment:

Astro-foil, rain/wind jacket, mobile phone, cup and whistle. If only one part of the equipment is missing - disqualification.

We recommend that you have a GPS device and poles but bear in mind that you cannot leave the poles at the control points. You must be semi-autonomous (water, gels, etc.) All additional information regarding the race will be presented in our final email and race guide as well as at our technical meeting that will be held on Friday, July 15, 2022, at 9 PM.

Race packages:

Race office (the base) will be located at Žabljak (the exact location will follow soon) and will be open on Friday from 5 PM until 11 PM.

The packages must be collected in person. Medical certificate is obligatory for this race, not older than one year. Applications will be open from January until June 16, 2022, at 4 PM (the payments have to be regulated by this time).

The starting package will contain a unique finisher medal and a dry-fit T-shirt. The registration fee is 3,600 RSD (30 EUR) up to May 15. After this date the fee will be 4,800 RSD (40 EUR).

Applications can be submitted through the following link - https://trka.rs/event/272/

Considering that the response for the organized transport is weak (undersatndably, due to the covid situation) we will not be organizing minibus thsi year.


Each competitor must wear the bib in a visible place, on the chest or on the belt, on the front, attached to a jacket or a T-shirt, it must not be covered with a jacket! Losing a bib means an automatic disqualification.

There are two drop-off points where we can provide transportation to the finish line, CP2 and CP4.

Should you have any complaints you can contact us at - skyrunning.serbia@gmail.com within 48 hours after the finish of the race. After this time no complaints will be taken into consideration.

Durmitor SkyRace carries 50% more points for the 2022 season. The race has an alternative track (option B) in case of bad weather. The race may be rescheduled for Sunday if the organizers deem it safer.


The recommendation for all runners is to book the hotels, cottages, and eco-mountain huts as soon as possible since the race will be held in the height of the season. You can start with contacting local Tourist Organization of Žabljak, contavt person Vanja Krgović: vkrgovic@t-com.me  

We have already made an agreement with Nadgora Resort where the finish of the race will be located. You can start booking through Luka at https://www.nadgora.com/

In addition, an agreement was made with the Ašković athletic camp in the Kovačka Valley. Contact person here is Danica: danicaaskovic@gmail.com  

Useful information:


The ceremony will be held at the finish gate at Nadgora on Saturday, July 16, 2022, at 7:30 PM. The top three places in men’s and women’s category will receive the awards. More about the prize pool will follow in June and the final mail.

Get ready for the mountain overlord!