Sinjavina Sky Race 19.8.2023. Mojkovac

We continue with great Sinja, the third edition is slowly being prepared. We added Savine grede above the lake and the finish line in the center of Mojkovac in a beautiful park. Who ran the race in 2022, knows how good it is.

The mighty ridge, as a new technical detail, can not be underestimated. The valley Lipova, which is according to Jovan Cvijić one of the most beautiful in the Balkans, will literally be in a falcon’s eye perspective.

We will not describe in the detail the trail. The video from the first edition shows everything

The Jablan’s peak (2.206 m.a.s.l.) awaits you as the highest peak of Sinjavina (which is the old name of the mountain, now the name Sinjajevina is used more often). The new distance is 34 km (2 km more than in the first edition) and you have 2.000 m of ascent. There are three aid stations and check points (10 km, 21 km, 29 km) and one additional check point on the Jablanov peak. An average height above mean sea level is 1.450 m.

The transfer from the center of Mojkovac to G. Štitarica village (where is the start of the race) is on Saturday at 7 AM. Expect some 30/40 minutes of the ride.

The start is at 8 AM in G. Štitarica village (at the end of the asphalt road, same as first year). In the first few 600 m you should find your position before you turn abruptly into the left in a narrow path where you immediate enter the kingdom of verticals. Serious ascent under the Gusar peak, around 700 m of ascent in 3,5 km, after which you reach the upper plateau of Sinjavina which is full of sinkholes.

Along the macadam road (which gives a completely different feeling, it cannot be compared to our macadam roads) you will twist and turn through the limestone kingdom until you reach the lake Sava under the peak Jablan where CP-1 (10 km) is. There you can get refreshments, fill up as much water as you need and here will be the checking of the mandatory equipment. And now here is the new part, compared with the first edition, you will turn left directly on the Savine grede, you will not continue along the lake. When you reach the main ridge, stop for a moment. The view bursts from Durmitor, Moračke mountains, Komovi, Prokletije, Bjelasica - one of the most powerful panoramas of the Balkans. And Savine grede give a special perspective on the valley Lipova. We have already written that, didn’t we? There are reasons why we repeat that 😊

On the peak Jablan is an additional check point, after which you continue through technical terrain, along the ridge, through sinkholes and the Sinjajevina’s land of no return. After a few kilometers you will finally reach a summer-pasture mountain camp and a macadam road which will lead you to the saddle and CP-2 Poljane (21 km). There you can get refreshments and again fill up as much water as you need. After that, there will be, one after another: landscapes, viewpoints, hundred-year-old pine trees, barren rocks, narrow paths and now everything is easier to move around. You will enjoy if you have cleverly kept the energy on the main ridge and climbs. The trail is extraordinary, one of the most beautiful!

CP-3 (29 km) is on Katuničko brdo, from where the trail separates from the road (which it took in the first edition of the race) and crosses on the ridge which goes down across Paljokina kosa straight to Mojkovac – you will appear right in front of the Touristic center at Tara River. You will cross Tara River across an old stone bridge and after that you will have just one more kilometer to the finish. The path will lead you to the trim-track and after that across foot-overbridge you will cross the road and enter the center of Mojkovac where is the finish of the race (near the monument of serdar Janko Vukotić).

The finish is in the center of Mojkovac.

Time limits:

CT1 Savino jezero 10. km – 10:45 AM. (2h and 45 min. from the start)
CT2 Poljane 21. km – 1:15 PM. (5h and 15 min. from the start)
CT3 Katuničko brdo 29. km – 3:30 PM . (7h and 30 min. from the start)
Finish – centar Mojkovca 4:30 PM. (8,5h from the start)

Profile, GPX and map:

Sinjavina Skyrace 2022 gpx – DOWNLOAD

Mandatory equipment: Survival blanket, rain/wind jacket, mobile phone, cup and a whistle. Penalties of 30 mins will be applied if any of these is missing. If two or more items are missing, the disqualification will follow. We recommend that you have poles, but bear in mind that you cannot leave them at the stops. We strongly recommend that you have GPS with the route of the race recorded! You must be semi-autonomous (water, gels, etc.)

Each participant must wear their starting number in visible place, on the chest or on the belt, frontally. It can be on the jacket or T-shirt, but take care that it is not covered by the jacket! Loss of the starting number means automatic disqualification. Should you have any complaints, you can contact us at within 48 hours after the race. After this time, no complaints will be taken into consideration. 

You can get your starting package in the race office – Municipal building in Mojkovac on Friday, August 18, from 6 PM to 10 PM. The packages must be picked up in person. Medical certificate is obligatory for this race, no older than a year.

Applications are open until Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 4 PM (meaning that the payments must be regulated by this time). Within the participant’s package the runners will get a unique finishers medal and an active T-shirt. Since January 7, 2023 the registration fee is 3,600 RSD (EUR 30). Applications can be submitted through portal, as usual.

The race will carry points in the Skyrunning League of Serbia and Montenegro for 2023 in format sky ultra (which is different compared to 2022).

Participants’ bus (45 seats): Anyone who pays the registration fee and wants to be on the participants’ bus will have to pay extra 3,000 RSD at the same payment reference number. Therefore, the same day you decide to pay the registration fee, you can book your seat on the bus immediately with another payment with the payment purpose – additional payment for registration fee. The bus leaves on August 18 at 8 AM from Štark Arena parking lot. It arrives in the center of Mojkovac. It will be taking the participants back on Sunday at 11:30 AM, also from the center of Mojkovac.

Those who do not make the additional payment within the registration fee, will not be included in the bus list.

In case of bad weather the race will be postponed to August 20, 2023.

The recommendation for accommodation is TO Mojkovac and please book it as soon as it is possible, because everything was full for the first edition. Of course, there will be a camp option. TO Mojkovac contact

The award ceremony: center of Mojkovac (near the finish line), Saturday, August 19, 2023, at 4:45 PM. In case of bad weather the ceremony will be held in the Municipal building.

The top three places in men’s and women’s category will receive the awards.

See you in Mojkovac.