Vlasina Camp
7th-28th May, 2016

To borrow the words of Tomislav Ašković, our legendary marathon runner from the time of former Yugoslavia, Vlasina is quite a paradise for runners and anyone involved in altitude training. Now we know for certain that both kayaker and the Red Star football players held their trainings there – kayakers for the Olympic Games in the eighties, and the Red Star football players for the Cup of Champions (Euro League today) in the nineties.
The reason that we have chosen this location is more than clear. More information about the location, which is classified as an area of exceptional importance, can always be found on the Net.

The basis of our camp is located on the Vlasina gardens at 1.250masl Vlasinskim vrtovima. It is no doubt the best accommodation on the Vlasina Lake, where one finds healthy domestic food, great summer peace, birch, Wi-Fi: all that is necessary for XXI century athletes, whether recreational or professional. The lake is surrounded by a range of differently sloped hills that go up to 1.870masl. At 50m from the accommodation, there is a flat asphalt road running along the lake shore for a distance of 15km. Also, 500 meters away from the accommodation is a football field.

We have two types of applications, 21 days and 7 days. Seven-day groups will be divided into the following dates:
• 7th-14th May "Group 7A"
• 14th-21st May "Group 7B"
• 21st-28th May "Group 7V"

Camp coaches are Bojan Dulejan and Dusko Momić, who capped Serbian national team in long-distance skyrunning. There is also a possibility that our camp will be joined by foreign athletes, participants in the global skyrunning league who have significant experience in "Salomon Academy" mountain running. Kristijan Stošić is also expected to visit us. He is a winner of the Serbian skyrunning league in 2015 and will run a couple of days sharing with you his twenty years of running experience.

Bojan Dulejan (b.1977)
When he was young, Bojan was engaged with junior athletics and was the first finisher of ultra-trail around Mont Blanc (2012) from Serbia. He has completed 18 classic marathons and is the youngest Serbian runner to have a double-digit number of the completed Belgrade Marathons. Many times he participated in a mountain running. Among the most prominent achievements is winning the Ultra Trail of Stara Planina (122km and 5,600 of ascent) and the 2014 Ultra skymarathon at Bobija in 2015 (56km and 3,000 of ascent). As a licensed mountain guide, he also completed and orientation mountaineering courses. He is an instructor of high mountain activities – PD Železničar from Belgrade.

Duško Momić (b.1976)
Dušan took to sport from an early age, primarily running and hiking. He grew up at the foot of the mountain Fruška gora so that, surrounded by hills, he had excellent conditions for skyrunning. The most important successes in his career are: the first place in the marathon of Fruška gora in 2000 and also the youngest winner of this marathon to date (then the longest distance was 101km, which he won being only 23 years old). The first place in the 2014 Bukovački marathon (47km and 1,300 of ascent) and trail record (4h 6min) .The first place in the ultra-trail competition at Stara planina in 2015 when 12 countries participated (122km and 5,600of ascent) and the first place in the Persenk ultra in Bulgaria in 2015 (80km and 3,500 of ascent). A total of eight medals under the Serbian skyrunning league in 2015. He also climbed Elbrus in 2002, completed alpine courses, represented Serbia and Montenegro at the European and World Championships in mountain running.

"Although our idea of Skyrunning is relatively young, its competitive origins can be traced back as early as the eighties. In pursuit of new challenges, the famous Italian guide Marino Giacometti started to organize race competitions in the massif mountain Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa. The difference between it and previous mountain races with athletic roots lies in the emphasis that was stressed on the technical performance. It is therefore not surprising that the then competitors were a combination of hikers and runners, and that to them running was nothing more than primarily physical preparation for hiking and climbing.
It was at that time that most impressive records were set. Bruno established record – climbing the Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn. Especially impressive are the records of the Matterhorn (Bruno Brunod , 1995), which was broken only 18 years later (Kilian Jornet, 2013) and the even more impressive one is the ascent of Mont Blanc (Pierre-André Gobet, 1990) which stood for incredible 23 years (Kilian Jornet, 2013).
With the rise of Skyrunning’s popularity, popular methods of classic athletic training in the long run are starting to be combined with training for hikers and climbers so now we have a world-class competitors that have their roots in athletics (Marco De Gasperi) or hiking / mountaineering (Kilian Jornet, Karl Egloff) but equally successfully compete. The establishment of the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) in 2008 defines correct formats and frames of Skyrunning races, so now anyone who loves skiing in the mountains can find himself or herself in at least one of the formats, from the short longitudinal Vertical km to the Ultra SkyMarathon.
In addition to the theoretical work that is developed through years of training in the long running, we will look at the training of top mountain runners and see what are their specifics and individual differences. Finally, what of all that we can apply in our conditions. A very important component of this camp is a mutual exchange of experiences on Skyrunning gathered both abroad and at home. For fitness training we will follow the standard methods used in athletics (long distance running, interval and tempo training ,variable pace, variable tempo running, etc.) with the specifics that are designated by certain formats of Skyrunning Race (backpack running, running at night, running with sticks, etc.). We will point out that the participants will have practical and theoretical training of orientation (as with a map and a GPS device). There will also be talk of specific equipment for mountain races, especially for long-distance races. Together we will go through in detail about race-planning, and talk about going to the world's biggest race in this sport. Of course, we will talk about the now inevitable GPS watches and proper use of heart rate monitor during training. Nutrition before, during and after the race / training. - Bojan Dulejan"

Price for a week-long camp is 180 euros per person without transportation and 200 euros with transportation.
The camp includes seven full boards with two snacks in between meals. The initial test, a training program adapted to the participant, control trainings, additional training. The groups will be formed according to the current form of the participants.

Price for a three-week camp is 500 euros per person (includes transportation).
The camp covers 21 full boards with two snacks in between meals. The initial test, a training program adapted to the participant, control trainers, additional training. The groups will be formed according to the current form of the participants.

Anyone with a membership card of our association has a 5% discount on camping packages. Deadline for registration and advance payment in the amount of 30% is 30th of March. Priority is given to participants who stay three weeks, max number of applicants is 15. It is possible to stay two weeks, just double the seven-day amount.

The second instalment in the amount of 40% is to be paid by 5th of May, and the third in the amount of 30% after the camp. No later than 5th of June.

So all the conditions are already ripe for a high-quality work. As regards additional information about the camp and questionnaires submitting, see: skyrunning.serbia@gmail.com but please name the subject of your email "Vlasina Camp 2016". Each of the potential participants must complete this questionnaire - PUT THE WORD DOC 'QUESTIONNAIRE'

"Not to conquer, but to be conquered!"
Skyrunning Association of Serbia