Ultra trail Stara Mountain
5-7 June (25, 84 and 122km) Knjazevac

We are preparing the third edition of Stara mountain Marathon (24 hours of Kopren) - our longest mountain race. This is one of rare races in Serbia that has a lot of parts over 2.000 m.Stara mountain is harsh, inaccessible with the inevitable juniper bushes. Get ready for a true wilderness and sharpen your senses - this race is not for the "no brainers". The concept is such that without careful watching markings and maps you cannot compete. You surely heard of the 100 miles Hard Rock trail in America. We adopted similar concept, although it’s a little bit harder in the US. They have the markings every 1.6 km, but our advantage is JUNIPER! We will change the location of start and finish; “Babinzub” will be our base in 2015. The routes remain the same for the two longer distances, only for short one we are preparing completely new course that will run fromKnjazevacface.Applications for the race will be open on 15March and close on 15 May. No late entries. More on the 2014 race can be viewed at the following links:
Stara planina, important things before the race
Ultra trail Stara planina