Tara Grab UltraSkyMarathon

September 17, 2016.

About destination:

Grab Camp is a top destination for outdoor activities and a perfect place for sky running. If you choose this race – rest asured that you are at one of the most beautful locations in the whole course of the river Tara. Our base, which is the very start and finish of the race, is located next to the riverside, some 9km from Scepan polje, in the very heart of oak and beech forests. The utter wilderness of the Grab Camp will undoubtedly blow your mind.

On the lower level of the camp, next to the river, you can find restaurants, bars, balconies with the view of the sky-blue and crystal clear river. Traditional cuisine and fresh spring water are there to complement the experience. Accomodation facilities (rooms with private bathrooms), bungalows and tents can be found on the upper level of the camp.

The whole camp has Internet access, and all accomodation units offer view of the surrounding mountains (slopes of Ljubisnja and Piva Mountain).

Tara Grab SkyTrail / 33km 1.450 D+ (short race)

Both races start at 8AM on the field of the upper part of Grab Camp (opposite the reception), which is the finish point as well. Just after a few hundred meters you will enter a steep and narrow path where a "plug" awaits you. For this reason the priority will be given to the fastest runners at the start line. You can expect a shift of macadam road, goat paths and meadows in the first 3km and after that - 1km of streight vertical and a technical path.

You will come across a mixture of rolling stones, tree stumps and slippery ground at the exposed terrain. Please, be focused here, especially on the return. After 4km you will come across the beautiful panoramic spot "Maricine grede" where you will find wooden outdoor furniture. Soon after that you will exit to 1km long macadam road where again you will enter a narrow path leading uphill through beautiful forest and meadows. Approximately at 8th km of the race you will exit to the famous panoramic point and a peak - "Sokolina" (cca 1.500masl – the highest point of the race) offering a view of the Tara and Susica canyon as well as Durmitor and Ljubisnja massif. Be careful here since it is a cliff, although the markings will lead you downhill to the right to the first object where there will be control point number 1 as well as refreshment and water refill (KT1 Sokolina, 9km of the race).

From this control point you will go along the gravel road for about 2km to the asphalt, where you will turn left. Asphalt road goes through the coniferous forest for about 3km after which you will turn towards Jerinic to the right onto the gravel road. From the moment you stepped off the asphalt road you will enter the realm of funnel-like holes and amazing scenery. On the plateau of Piva mountain a view opens towards Durmitor, Bioce and Maglic. You will remember this experience, for sure – constant, mild downhill – uphill changes all the way back to the control point "Poljane" which is located at the 24th km of the race. This means that, between the KT1 and KT2 you will have entire 15km, but do not be concerned because unlike the first section from the start to KT1 where there is 1.100m ascent, along this section you will have only 200m ascent. So, you will be moving a lot faster from Poljane to KT2 where refreshments will be waiting for you, although we recommend you refill your water on all control points.

From KT2 you will go to Crkvicko polje; there is asphalt again (short section) where you will pass by the mountain lodge. The markings will then lead you right from the asphalt to gravel road towards Maricine grede where you will close the circle and go back downhill using the same goat path to the finish. Be careful, the path is more tricky from that direction and very steep as you can tell by its GPS profile. The time limit is 6.5 hours i.e. 2:30PM. There is another time limit on KT2 – 1PM (5h from the start). You can find the GPS track record, map and profile at the end of this page.

Tara Grab Ultra SkyMarathon / (long race, more information soon)

How to find the race base: Position - How to get there please bear in mind that you will need a green card through Bosnia if you are travellong by your own vehicle. You can drive all the way to the camp since there is a solid gravel road leading to the camp.

Accomodation booking: info@anitra.me for bungalows, apartments, chalets – please state in the subject that your inquiry concerns the Skyrunning race. You can check the facility here Facility.

There is also a possibility of camping, with excellent conditions. There is wi-fi, a spring, several tables with covers, 6 shower cabins, 5 sinks and several power outlets as well. If you are bringing your own tent the daily price is 4 eur per person (the price includes tourist tax, insurance and entrance to the regional park Piva). If you are renting a tent and a bag in Grab the daily price per person is 4,5 eur. Bear in mind that the tents can accommodate 3 persons and that there are only 10 of them; there are enough bags for all tents (30 pcs), pads are included.

We would advise that you book your accommodation or camp space on time.

When it comes to food, you can have all your meals at the restaurant (breakfast - 4,2 eur, lunch - 6 eur, dinner - 5,6 eur, a sandwhich - 2,5 eur). Those who would like to cook on their own will need a primus and a burner which will allow them to prepare everything in their tent. The closest shop is 25-30km far (Pluzine or Foca) so you will have to bring with you everything you need.

Participant centre (race office): Lower part of the Grab camp, small wooden house opposite the bar. Start packages can be taken on Friday, September 16th 08PM-12AM. For the participants at longer distance – a valid medical certificate not older tha 12 months is obligatory. As usual, please prepare 200 RSD (2 eur) as a deposit for bib number which will be returned to you if you do not want to keep the number. For the minors to participate – a consent of parents or guardians certified by the court is obligatory.

Bus: first 45 participants that pay their registration fee will have their seats in the participatory bus; after this number extra amount of 1.200 RSD will be charged (further instructions will be sent to your email, once the list has been closed). The bus leaves on Friday , September 16th at 16PM from Kombank Arena parking lot. Since the bus cannot reach the camp itself, the SUVs that will be waiting for you can transport your staff to the camp while you will have to walk for 2km. Bring your headlamps. Departure for Belgrade is scheduled for Sunday, September 18th at 14PM. You can load your staff in the SUVs that will transport them to the bus and you must do so no later than 1:30PM. There will be two border crossings (Mokra gora i Scepan polje), so be prepared and follow the procedure accordingly.

Extra activities on Sunday: Rafting 16km, lunch included - 38 eur. Hydrospeed 8km - 30 eur per person, a group of min 4 persons. All programs will take place immediately after breakfast so that you have enough time to get ready for the departure. Everything realted to these activities can also be booked at info@anitra.me

Applications are open from the beginning of July and close on September 1st at 16PM (trka.rs portal).

Registration fee: SkyTrail 1.800 RSD (15 eur), Ultra SkyMarathon 2.800 RSD (23 eur). Welcome lunch is scheduled for Saturday, 13PM-17PM in the lower part of the camp next to the river. You will receive a lunch vaucher in the participant centre. Each participant who finishes the race will be presented with the finisher medal, whereas the best ones will receive the awards, as well.

Welcome to the Europe's largest canyon, welcome to one of the most spectacular trail races in the Balkans. See you mid-September in Montenegro.

Map of Tara Grab SkyTrail
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