Falcon’s Trail SkyRace

October 15, 2016.

The third edition of our flagship race, Falcon’s Trail, is scheduled for October 15. First Falcon’s Trail SkyRace, organized in 2014, and second in May 2015, made this race “must” event for all runners. Well known course at Suva Mountain, runs from Niška Banja to its top, peak Trem (1819m), is 22 kilometers long, with 2169 total vertical ascent. This year the race will be organized in the fall, so we expect colorful nature and hope for good weather. In case of bad weather, organizers reserve right to reschedule the race for next day. The course record holds Kristijan Stošić with 2 hours 35 minutes in male category and Ivana Milić with 3 hours 30 minutes in female.

Registrations are open and the trka.rs portal, and will be closed on September 30. It wouldn’t be possible to register for the race after this data, so we urge you to do it on time. The participation fee is 1,800 dinars or 15 euro for payments from abroad. The participation package includes: participation in the race, promo t-shirt, on-course refreshment points, transportation after the race, meal after the race and participation medal. For first 50 registrations the seat in the buss from Belgrade to Niška Banja and back, will be reserved, with additional fee of 1,000 dinars. We will provide payment instructions to first 50 participants once we complete the list. The buss will depart Belgrade on Friday, October 14 at 5 PM from parking lot of Kombank Arena, while return to Belgrade is planned for Sunday, October 16 at 7 PM.

Best competitors will receive monetary and in-kind awards. Award ceremony will be organized in Niška Banja in the evening of October 15.

For the full experience in Niš, we will offer few adventure excursions on Sunday, October 16. Programs of these additional offers will be provided soon.

About the course and the race program

Here is detail course description for those who participate the race for the first time. This fantastic course takes you from the center of Niška Banja (280m) across Koritnik, Crni kamen, Mosor, Sokolov kamen to Suva planina (Dry Mountain) summit – Trem (1810). This is one of the most difficult one day routs in Serbia, with definitely highest vertical assent, with beautiful viewpoints along the Suva ridge. Just imagine half marathon distance, but with vertical assent to Serbia’s peak Midzor (2169) from sea level. The race course will be marked with classical mountaineering marks and with ribbons, while all check and refreshment points will have sign with distance and with “Control Point” title.

The Corse description and the race program

First 12 kilometers is dirt/gravel road (mixture of soil and rocks), with possibility of mud at certain parts. From 12 th to 19 th km is narrow forest trail full of rocks but without mud. This portion of the course is very difficult for running, so be careful. The part of the course that leads downhill from Mosor is particularly attractive, yet technically demanding, and there you will experience real spirit of SkyRunnig. From 19 th km to the finish is also narrow trail, but good for running and without any mud.

The race start is planned for October 15 at 8 am in front of the Niška Banja central fountain. The finish of the race is peak Trem. It’s the time for mountaineers to start running, so this year we will have only one category of competitors: runners only. Limit of 7 hours will allow mountaineer in better shape and amateurs to successfully participate the race. After 3 pm we are packing our gears from Trem, and anyone who is not there by that time will be classified as DNF. After the finish, you will have to walk 6 more kilometers downhill, to Bojanine vode, where your drop bags and transportation to Niška Banja will wait for you. At Bojanine vode the organizers will provide you with vouchers for transportation and lunch in Niška Banja restaurant “Gurmanova tajna.” After 4:30 entire logistic, including the Mountain Rescue Service (GSS) will leave Bojanine vode. All limits will be strictly respected.

In order to validate your race result, you’ll have to have clearly visible starting number, and control card, checked at every check point. Besides check points there will be several refreshment points with water, fruits, food…

Check (control points) and refreshment points:
CP 1 – Rautovo – 6 km. Check + H2O (one cup per competitor only)
CP 2 – Rajac – 9 km + H2O. Refresh point (fruit, food..) water re-fill possible.
CP 3 – Repetitor – 13 km. Check + H2O (water re-fill possible)
CP 4 – Sokolov kamen – 17 km. Check only
H2O point – Devojački grob – 19km (one cup per competitor only)
CP 5 – Finish – Trem – 22 km

Mandatory equipment: survival blanket (astro foil) and a whistle. Good water resistant jacket, is recommended. No drop of personal belongings at the check points.

Registration and technical meeting – Niška Banja October, 14, 6-11 pm

Competitors registration, welcome package distribution and technical meeting will be held a day before the race, on October 14, from 6-11 pm. Technical meeting will be at 9 pm in the race office (exact location will be published later). Personal presence is mandatory. Please have ready 200 dinars ( 2 euro) for deposit of the starting number. Competitors younger of 18 year old must have parent’s approval, notarized in court. Medical certificate is not necessary for this race.

During registration you will deposit your, clearly market with your starting number, drop bag, that will wait for you at Bojanine vode. Part of welcome package is transportation from Bojanine vode to Niška Banja and after race lunch at “Gurmanova tajna” restaurant.

All information related to the race will be answered until Friday evening. At 6 am Saturday morning most of the organizers will be extremely busy and would not be able to answer ANY of your question.

Niška Banja accommodation.

There are a lot of accommodation options in Niška Banja, from small hotels to apartments and affordable private houses. The sports hall will be at your disposal for overnight sleep in personal sleeping bags and mats. Big parking lot is available in front of the sports hall. The camping site will be also available, but unfortunately, unlike previous years, the camp will not be secured. Therefore we are recommending the sports hall with showers and toilets, free of charge.

More info on Niška Banja accommodation could be found at the link below, or in direct contact with the Niš Tourist Organization (TON). TON web site provides detail info on Niš and surrounding places, on its natural and cultural attractions. Besides Suva planina, there is also Jelašnička and Sićevo gorge, historical Ćele kula monument, and archeological site Medijana.

Video 2014.

Video 2015.


Final, detailed race information will be sending few days before the race, till then, enjoy trainings. See you at the 2016 season closing at Suva Planina.

As all of these years, the race is organized with cooperation of the Niš Tourist organization and Niška Banja municipality.

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