SkyRace “Sokolov put”
May, 1. 2015.

It’s time for second edition of the Skyrunning Serbia signature race “Falcon’s Trail.” Find more on pointing system and importance of this race on the following link - Results. In case of extremely bad weather, the reserve day is Saturday, May 2. Meeting point – Niška Banja.
About the course
This fantastic course takes you across Koritnik, Crni kamen, Mosor, Sokolov kamen to Suva planina (Suva Mountain) summit – Trem (1810). This is one of the most difficult one day routs in Serbia, with definitely highest vertical assent, with beautiful viewpoints along the Suva ridge. Just imagine half marathon distance, but with vertical assent to Serbia’s highest peak Midžor (2169) from sea level. The race starts on May 1 at 8 am from Niška Banja center. Gathering of competitors is on Thursday, April 30 at 9 pm, when we will open race center for registration, signing of liability statement, and handing of participation packages (starting numbers, t-shirts…). We will provide free of charge bus transportation (Belgrade-Niška Banja-Belgrade) for limited number of participants, and welcome lunch at Bojanine vode (after the race) for all participants. For interested participants we will set the camp, with toilets and drinking water, but you’ll need your own tents, mats and sleeping bags. It is possible to book affordable accommodation in numerous hotels and B&Bs in NIška Banja, as well as spa and massage treatments. Contact person for Niška Banja accommodation is Jelena Todorović from Niš Tourist Office (+381691523351).
Upon finishing of the race at peak Trem, all participants suppose to trek back to Bojanine vode (approximately 6 km) where you’ll be waited by vans that will take you back to start at Niška Banja. Of course, after the lunch we provide in Bojanine vode mountain hut.
"Falcon’s Trail" 22km, important info:
- Start at Niška Banja
- Finish – Peak Trem
- Distance 22km, with 2.169 total vertical assent
- The highest point 1.810 m
- The lowest point - Niška Banja 280 m
- First refreshment station at 9th km (at this point you can leave your personal belongings, you have here food, water, sweets)
- 3 checkpoints
- 4 water wells/ water stations
- Mandatory equipment: rescue blanket (astro foil) and whistle
- The registration fee for runners is 1200 din, and 600 din for hikers, registration website: Trka.rs
- Welcome package: the race t-shirt, course map, checkpoint control card, the race medal for all participants who finish the race
- Time limit for runners 7 hours, 10 hours for hikers
- Hikers do not use refreshment stations, but it is possible to refill water at 13th km (below Mosor peak)
- Hikers have no ranking for the Serbian Skyrunning League.
- Limit 300 participants
All Details
We received a lot of calls, inquires, mails. If you did not participate in our race, we are obligated to go through procedure ones again. To make a list of useful information before the race, we collected all of your questions, and more than that. We tried to put ourselves into your skin.
- Runners may leave to the organizers their personal items in labeled black plastic bag in the evening before the race, during registration. These items will wait for you after the race at Bojanine vode (not before at any refreshment or checkpoint). So, once again, if you wish you can leave your items on Thursday evening during your registration. This does not apply to hikers. They carry their own things.
- Registration, for both runners and hikers, is possible only on Thursday, April 30, from 8-11 pm in Niška Banja camp. If you fail to register personally at that time, you would not be able to participate the race. We will require your photo ID during registration, so no one else can register in your behalf.
- For environment protection reasons, we printed only one set of reusable starting numbers for the entire League. During registration, you will deposit 200 dinars which will be returned to you when you return your starting number after the race. If you wish to keep starting number, you may do so, but the 200 dinars deposit will be kept.
- Only at Rajac checkpoint (9th kilometer) runners may leave extra items to organizers. These items will be returned to them after the race at Bojanine vode.
- We will organize free of charge transportation for first 70 registered participants with paid participation fee. The bus departs Belgrade on Thursday, April 30 at 5 pm from Belgrade ComBank Arena parking lot (you will receive mail with detail info and contact of trip organizer, once we close registration). Departing parking lot is on north side of Arena, overlooking Arena main entrance. By the plan, the bus will depart Niška Banja in Friday, May 1 at 8 pm.
- We will set the camping site with toilets, drinking water and race office tent near Niška Banja center, five minute walk from the race start line (see attached map). There is a big parking lot 150 meters from the camp, as well as sports hall that could be used for accommodation if you do not have your tent or in case of severe weather conditions.
- If you do not have good rain gear or wind stopper, you will be required to carry thin rescue blanket (astro foil). Whistle is also mandatory. Rescue blanket is not mandatory for hikers. We are trying to introduce habit of carrying rescue blanket since it is ISF requirement. Rescue blanket is mandatory at most skyrunning competitions. Rescue blanket save some lives at Stara Mountain last year.
- The vans that will take you back to Niška Banja will be waiting at Bojanine vode after the race. Please bear in mind that time limits (7 hours for runners and 10 hours for hikers) must be respected, but within these time limits you must reach Bojanine vode, not finish at Trem. This means that last van that can take you back to Niška Banja will depart Bojanine vode at 6pm. You will have a free of charge lunch at Bojanine vode after the race. We will respect these time limits rigorously, and after 6 pm there would not be anybody to transport you back to Niška Banja. There will be one more, emergency, location for time limit at “Devojački grob”, but more info on that, if necessary, you will receive during the race.
- Welcome lunch at Bojanine vode Mountain Hut will be provided for all participants. You will carry special bracelets during the race, so we can distinguish race participants from other tourists and hikers. You are obligated to carry bracelets till the end of the event.
- Hikers will be able to refill water at one refreshment station only – Repetitor at 13th kilometer of the race. Runners will have four refreshment stations: Rautovo (6th kilometer), Rajac (9th kilometer), Repetitior (13th kilometer) and Devojacki grob (19th kilometer)
- Runners will have food, fruits, juices and energy drinks and bars at Rajac refreshment station only.
- PYou are not required medical certificate, but we will ask for the court notarized parents permit for all participants younger than 18 y/o.
- All participants will be asked for and photo ID during registration.
- At the checkpoints our controllers will perforate/checked your checkpoint control card. Only those will section of the cards checked will be considered as finishers.
- Along the course at checkpoint and refreshment points and other random points our volunteers and mountain rescue service officers (GSS) will control the race regularity.
- Please compete all procedural issues and ask all questions on Thursday evening during the registration. On Friday morning from 6 am most of the organizers will be in the mountain focused on race, and would not be available for you questions and issues.
- The race course is dirt road (mix of pebbles and dirt) for first 12 kilometers, with section of possible mud. From 12th to 19th kilometer is narrow “goat” path, full of rocks, but without mud. This section is very difficult for running, be careful. From 19th kilometer onwards is also narrow path, but much better for running, without mud.
- No late entries.

The registration is already open at web portal trka.rs, and the last date for registration and payment of participation fee is April 10, by 4 pm. Awards amounts will be published by April 9, while info on transportation could be found in the above info section.

For more inquires please send us email to skyrunning.serbia@gmail.com or call +381638670711 (race director – Marko Nikolić)

Co-organizer: Tourist organization of Niš i Niška banja www.visitnis.com
FB page Sokolov put
Photo album from last year's race

Download - Evidence card 01
Download - Evidence card 02
Download - Map 1
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