Rtanj Vertical Kilometer
March 21 (5km 1100 D +) Boljevac

The famous pyramidal peak Šiljak of mysterious mountain Rtanj (1.565mnv) and its northern side are expecting you. At only 190 km from Belgrade one of the steepest slopesof Eastern Serbia awaits you. Legends say that this mountain is the Time Gate, the Chakra of the Earth or UFOs landing site, but what is certain that this mountain is a unique experience. The Vertical Kilometer (VK) is extremely attractive format in Skyrunning commune and a real challenge for all runners. In 2011 and 2012 this particular course was part of the 4 Elements Race.The course of our VK will be slightly different, but the course record keeps Dejan Popovic with 62 min. Applications for the race will be open on 15. January and close on March 5. Applications after the deadline will be possible both on-line and at the event itself, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee "participatory package" or transportation from Belgrade. There is only one category for this race- runner. More about this magical mountain can be viewed at the following link:
Magic Rtanj.
Get ready for the UFO Vertical!