Prokletije Vertical Kilometer, (Montenegro)

July 9, 2016

Let’s repeat the good old saying: -All the Balkan mountains you can put on one side, but Prokletije on another.- The more beautiful and the more dangerous mountain range you cannot find on the Balkan Peninsula. The second edition of “Prokletije Vertical Km” starts from the Grbaje (Grebaje) valley towards Karanfili, but this year, we will stop under the “Krosnja”, meaning that the race will be slightly longer this year, and closer to 1000 meter of vertical ascent). Applications for the race will be open on June 12, and close on June 28. at portal - APPLICATION Applications after the deadline will not be possible. The entry fee is 1500 dinars, and first 15 applications will have place in the mini bus. If you are within first 15, you will get additional instructions to pay additional 1500 dinars for transportation.

So, in 3 kilometers of the trek, you’ll have 1 kilometer in vertical ascent. Quite brutal!

The course takes you from the second meadow of Grbaje (Grebaje) and you have some 60m running on the flat (on the course you’ll have additional 20 flat meters and that's it, everything else is just uphill). The course is clearly marked with paint and there will be ribbons as well. Up to 750m of ascent, the start is visible, which gives a special charm to this race; three-quarters of the course can be seen from the starting point. The finish this year will be by the pass Krosnje, and toward the North Karnfil peak. During the race day we’ll have our volunteers monitoring and preventing further ascent toward the Karnfil peaks.

The famous Krosnje pass took 6 lives already. You won’t be prevented to climb Prokletije peaks, but you’ll have to do it by yourself, away from our race course and some other day, since we are responsible for your safety that day, and at that part of the mountain.

The ambiance is surreal, and known to everyone who visited Prokletije already. For others, you may see how it looks like at our last year’s video: Video Prokletije 2015
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The race will go on chronometer, and we plan to start on July, 9 at 10 am. Each competitor gets its start time, with 60 seconds difference. In case of bad weather, it is possible that we’ll have later start, or postponement for a next day.

Very important! Please, take special care of the landslide since the course is difficult. In case you break some rock while running, it is mandatory to shout loudly: “Kamen!!!” (Rock). Please, pay attention what is happening above you, and expect a failing rocks, especially at one difficult portion of the course, of approximately 300 meters that is assenting via zigzag serpentines. We will have additional controllers at this section of the course that will carefully monitor and watch every move. Prokletije require maximum concentration and respect. In a second there can be serious injuries. During inspection of the course, we happened to run away momentarily upon warning.

It is impossible to record course profile and a GPX track since every GPS device can’t work properly at such serious vertical ascent. At the finish you WOULD NOT have any water, se we recommend hydro packs or fuel belt. Survival blanket (astro foil) is required. We will inspect if you have survival blanket, and we’ll fine with 10 minutes those who does not have it. Running poles are strictly prohibited for this type of course, because of possibility of serious injuries. This restriction is ISF recommendation when the VK is extreme as is the case with Prokletije. So, poles are strictly prohibited!

Mini bus departs on Friday, July 8 th at 3 pm from parking lot of BG Arena (you will receive contact info of group leader in email). You can expect minimum 9 hours of drive time. Pick up of registration packets will be possible in the restaurant Maja Karnfil, before the start. on July 9, from 8 am to 9 am. The return is scheduled for Sunday, July 10 th at noon from Grbaje.

For those who decide to use own transportation, we recommend the route Kraljevo-Novi Pazar-Rozaje- Berane-Plav- Gusinje. The traffic is much moderate at this route in the summer, especially at the border crossing because of the peak tourist season. From Gusinje follow the signs for the mountain hut "Branko Kotlajić". As soon as you reach the end of the asphalt on the right is a small wooden cottage and above it abandoned military barracks. Follow the dirt road that goes uphill and you will reach the mountain hut - about mountain hut -. Useful information on this hut can be found at this link - useful information -.


The mountain hut "Branko Kotlajić" has room for 18 persons (one big room, sleeping bags are necessary, outdoor toilets, spring water, hard wood stove). Reservation and advance payment is mandatory (contact for additional information is Bojan 0641111303). First 18 will have a bad, everybody else could camp front of the hut in tents. Make sure you have your headlamps with you.

Some 500m from the hut is the Eco Katun Grbaja which has 30 beds and a restaurant. Bed is 8 euros and half board is 20 euros. Contact person is Srdjan Pavicevic +38269044572 and +38269693250 (both numbers are available on Viber). The restaurant has WiFi.

At 200 m from the restaurant there is another accommodation possibility, katun Maja Karnfil, where, similarly to last year, we’ll have a welcome lunch after the race. Contact for booking is Irfan Radoncic +38267274499, or +38267651771

From the hut "Branko Kotlajić" you’ll need a 10/15 minute walk to the start of the race, and from the restaurant 7/8 minutes.

Important phone - GSS CG +38240256084 (mountain rescue service)

After the race you can expect a welcome lunch. The time limit is 120 minutes. We will have photo cell time measuring, so we’ll be precise to 1/100 of a second. May the fastest win!