Results are still ahead of us, all of us. In the meantime, until we officially start Avala SkyTrail on March 1, let us clarify the ISF’s and our point system. Each race carries the following number of points beginning with the first place: 100-88-78-72-68-66 and 2 points less for each subsequent position in the standings, ending with the 40th position among men and the 15th position among women. “Sokolov put” (“Falcon’s Trail”) will carry, as the chosen race of the season, 20% more points for each position in accordance with the previously mentioned points system (points are rounded to the nearest whole number). The decision on such treatment of “Sokolov put” was made in accordance with the principle of ISF that each national association has the right to choose one race in the calendar year that will be “the first among equals”. In 2015 Serbian Skyrunning League will have 9 official competitions (of various formats and length):

Vertical Kilometre (VK) x 2 (Rtanj and Prokletije)

SkyRace (SR) x 3 (Sokolov put, Besna kobila and Sharr mountains)

Ultra SkyMarathon (USM) x 2 (Tara and Tornicka Bobija)

SkyTrail (ST) x 3 (Avala, Stara Planina* and Tara)

At the end of the year, 5 best race results within the Serbian Skyrunning League are being summed up for all the competitors, and their overall standings is being determined based on the specified number of points. The condition for scoring in the Serbian Skyrunning League overall standings is that a competitor must have the results in all four categories (VK, SR, USM and ST). The top 5 results are determined as the best results from one VK, SR, USM and ST, while the fifth best result is taken from another best result of any format. If a contestant at the end of the year has finished only four races (one from each category) he/she is included in the overall standings based on the sum of achieved points. This style of scoring is designed in accordance with the requirements of the ISF and the desire that the League does not favour one type of competitors. Versatility and perseverance are the foundation of success. At the end of the year top competitors are awarded with valuable prizes for the individual races, as well as for the overall standings, about which you can expect more information during the competition year. The most active participants can expect special privileges and exemptions, about which they will be duly notified.

Enjoy the trainings.

Avala SkyTrail
Rtanj VK 2015
Sokolov put Sky Race
Besna kobila Sky Race
Prokletije Vertical Kilometer

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