The Falcon’s way SkyRace
9 September 2017

The fourth edition of well know Balkan’s trail, the Falcon’s way, is organised for 9 September 2017. As the first sky race in Serbia, it is the most attractive race in our country, taking place in the most attractive mountain range as well. We decided to change the well-known path in the “Suva planina” the one that would usually start from Niška banja and finish at the “Suva planina” highest peak Trem (1810 MASL). This year the finish line will be the mountain hut ‘Studenac’ at water spring ‘Bojanine vode’. This will be the main race, and the points for this race will count towards League as Sky Classic format with 20% more points than the Kopaonik race. The race track is 30K long, with 2270m uphill and 1160m downhill. We have also organised one shorter race. Although the points from this race will not count towards League, this race would be very convenient for beginners who are interested in skyrunning. The shorter race track will be 15K long, with 1100m uphill and 500m downhill. Starting point and finishing line will be the same for this track as the one for the longer race track, i.e. Niška banja as starting point and water spring ‘Bojanine vode’ for finishing line, with the only difference that just after peak Mosor, the competitors will follow the track down the hill, and not the route towards peak ‘Sokolov kamen’.

If water conditions are not appropriate (if they are bad), the race will be postponed for the day (Sunday 10 September 2017).

The applications period is from Monday 10 July until 4 pm on Friday 18 August on the portal: http://trka.rs/event/57/ we will not accept any applications after this date, so please make sure you register your place in time. Registration fee is 2000 RSD or €17 for foreign competitors. ‘Welcome pack for 30k’ includes: T-shirt, snacks, transport after the race and lunch, and finish line medal.

First 50 competitors who pay registration fee will be able to book return ticket from Belgrade to Niška banja for only 1200 RSD for the so called ‘Participants coach’. Everyone else will receive additional information Re transport charges. The Participants coach will leave from the Kombank Arena’s parking in Belgrade on Friday 8 September at 5pm, and return trip has been planned for Sunday 10 September at 7pm.

The best competitors will receive monetary and goods award. Award winning celebration will be on 9 September at 6pm. Location TBA

For everyone who is interested in exploring Niš area more, we have organised some trips for Sunday 10 September….. For more info about these trips, please submit your requests.

The race track description and the race program
The 30K Falcon’s way race track starts at the centre of Niška banja (280 MASL) and goes over Koritnik, Crni kamen, Mosor, Sokolov kamen, Trem (1810 MASL) to the water spring ‘Bojanine vode’. This is one of the most attractive routes in Serbia, with the hardest hilly ascent and beautiful views along mountain range of ‘Suva planina’. Please find the links below this text for a profile, GPS tracking of the race track and the race track map. The racing track is properly market with mountain way-markings and tape, whilst every race point will show how many kilometres is completed at that particular point and will have CP tags which are marking for control points. The first 12K of the track is mixture of the soil and stones, and there is also possibility to come across muddy patches. From 12K to 19K the track is full of stones, like a ‘goat path’ but without any mud. This would make run over this part very difficult, so please be very careful! At the Mosor descent you will be able to experience the true spirit of skyrunning, as this part is not only attractive but also technically very demanding. From 19K to peak Trem is the same narrow stony path, however much better for running. Do not expect to come across any mud. From peak Trem (this is going to be a Checkpoint in this race), you should use the same route to ‘Devojacki grob’ (checkpoint with some snacks and water) and from here, there is a descent to the water spring ‘Bojanine vode’. The first two K of the hill descent are technically very demanding, as this is a narrow rocky path with side slopes. This ‘goat path’ requires extra caution on competitors’ behalf. From 28K to 30K is a wide macadam road. The road has less than 1m of asphalt! The race should last no longer than 8 hours, i.e. the race should be completed by 4pm.

The 15 K Falcon’s way race track has the same timetable / starting point and the race track section up to Repetitor (control and checkpoint below Mosor). From Repetitor the runners should go along a narrow macadam road, downhill. After 1.5K of the track the road turns sharply to the right and slightly uphill, from where competitors have another 1.3K of the track to the finish line. However, the last 300m of this track is asphalt. 15K race competitors will be coming from the opposite direction, as opposed to the competitors of 30K race. This race track will have two control points where the competitors can also have some snack and water. The control points on this track are Rautovo and Rajac. The race should last no longer than 5 hours, i.e. the race should be completed by 1pm.
The race will start on 9 September at 8 am at the fountain in the center of Niška banja, as it does every year.
There is only one category of applications - runners and two race tracks. On the water spring ‘Bojanine vode’ competitors will receive their ‘drop bags’, including some spare items. Transport to the Niška banja (where starting points is) is also organised from ‘Bojanine vode’. Upon arrival at ‘Bojanine vode’ all competitors should contact the organisers in order to receive a transportation and lunch voucher. Lunch is organised at the mountain hut. The last transport available from ‘Bojanine vode’ will leave at 4:30 pm. After 4.30pm, the entire organisation and logistic team are withdrawing in Niška banja with Mountain rescue team. Limits should be strictly respected as they have been every year.

In order for your race to be valid, you need to clearly display the starting number and should always have with you a record card that will be checked by controllers at the checkpoints. If you have all the CPs checked, you will be able to complete the race. Alongside the checkpoints, we have provided refreshing stations with water, fruit, sweets, food, etc.

The 30K Falcon’s way control and refreshing points:
KT 1 – Rautovo – 6 K. Control + H2O (cannot carry water from here)
KT 2 – Rajac – 9 K. Control + H2O. Refresh point (fruit, food…) at this point it will be possible to pour water into personal water bottles.
KT3 – Repetitor – 13K. Control + H2O it is possible to pour water in personal water bottles
KT4 - Sokolov kamen – 17K. Just checking the card
H2O point – Devojački grob – 19K (cannot carry water from here)
KT5 - Trem – 22K (Control)
H2O point – Devojački grob – 26K(cannot carry water from here)
FINISH – ‘Bojanine vode’ mountain hut Studenac (30K)

The 15K Falcon’s way control and refreshing points:
KT 1 - Rautovo – 6K. Control + H2O (cannot carry water from here)
KT 2 - Rajac – 9K. Control + H2O. Refresh point (fruit, food ..) at this point it will be possible to pour water into personal water bottles.
FINISH – ‘Bojanine vode’ mountain hut Studenac (15K)

The required equipment every competitor must have on the track is as follows:
• Survival blanket, and
• whistle.

Medical examination certificate is not required. Competitors will not be able to leave personal things at the checkpoints! Mountain rescue will go behind all competitors and will ‘clean’ the race track.

Registration and meeting before the race – TBA 8 September 6pm – 11pm
Registration of competitors, downloading of start-up packages and meeting of participants and organisers will be held on the day before the race, on 8 September between 6pm and 11pm. For the purpose of registration, the competitor must personally attend, sign a statement of responsibility, and takeover a start-up package. Please prepare 200 RSD, or €2 e as a deposit for your starting number. Starting number should be return to us after the race, and you can opt for one of the two options. Either to have your deposit back or to keep the starting number. If any of your friends, who had to cancel their participation in the race, asked you to pick up their start-up package, please do so during the registration period. After that point in time, packages cannot be downloaded. Anyone under 18 years of age must have signed the parent's agreement, certified in a court. We will post the race office location later on.

When registering, you will receive a drop bag containing your starting number for the storage of any spare items you might have. The drop bag will be available to you upon completion of the race at ‘Bojanine vode’. You can also leave with us your ‘drop bags’ and / or backpacks if you have a clearly printed number on them. As a part of the start-up package, you will have a free transfer from ‘Bojanine vode’ to Niš Spa, and a lunch after the race. We have also included a vegetarian meal options. You will receive vouchers for these services after the race, at ‘Bojanine vode’ only if you have a starting number on yourself. Also at the finish line, at ‘Bojanine vode’, you will receive a finishing medal, only if your card is completely certified and the limit has not been broken. The prize fund shall be announced on 1 September 2017.

All formalities and any questions you might have, should be completed by 5 September 2017.

Accommodation in Niška banja and surroundings
Niška banja has a variety of accommodation, from small hotels, apartments to extremely affordable private accommodation. Competitors can also use a dedicated sports hall as accommodation. For this purpose, please bring sleeping bag and sleeping pad. The sports hall has toilets, showers and a large parking. Unfortunately, this year well known camping site at ‘Školska česma’ (the ‘School fountain’) will be without security. Therefore, if you decide to camp here, you have responsibility for your belongings. For this reason and also as nights in September can be colder, we strongly recommend camping in the sport hall.

For more information about accommodation, please visit the following link: www.visitnis.com The Tourist Organisation website is very useful as it provides additional information about Niš and its surroundings, natural and cultural attractions, what else you can do while you are here and where to eat. In addition to the very attractive Suva planina, we strongly recommend you to visit Jelašnička or Sićevačka valley, as well as some of the unique cultural monuments Skull Tower and the newly opened archaeological site, ‘Medijana’.

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You will receive final and detailed information about the race program just before the race, until then enjoy the trainings. I'll see you at Suva planina, where we will close the Skyrunning season for 2017.

This year's race will be organized in cooperation with the Tourist Organization of Niš and the Municipality of Niška banja.

See you Falcons!

Map 15km Soko
Map 30km Soko
Profil 15km Soko
Profil 30km Soko
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