Luznica Challenge 2017 – Sky Ultra
July 15, 2017.

It’s time to introduce the new location for SkyRunning in Serbia. Our third completion in 2017 is scheduled for July 15. It will be the “Sky Ultra” race completion on 65 km track with 3.250 m of total vertical ascent. The race will have two categories, first, for individual competitors, will award point for the Serbian SkyRunning League, and also UTMB points, and second category will be a two member team relay race, with no the League and UTMB points. The relay race will be organized for those who prefer shorter distances and team spirit, and fist three places in male, female and mix category will get appropriate prizes.

Luznica valley and surrounding mountains are true outdoor sports pearl of south-eastern Serbia. The area is rich of natural beauties with plenty gorges, caves, rivers and streams, but also with picturesque villages with hospitable people.

Central area town is Babusnica, close to Bulgarian border. Dominant peaks are “Golemi Stol” and the highest “Ruj.” Nearby is beautiful Zvonacka spa, with its great thermal springs.

Accommodation and transportation
There will be competitor’s bus from Belgrade, but only for fist 40 registered participants. If you are interested for participation in this unique race, we will provide you more info on transportation opportunities in direct communication. Babusnica has limited accommodation possibilities, so to book your rooms promptly please contact Babusnica Tourist organization directly. tobabusnica@gmail.com As always on our competitions, for our competitors there will be free of charge camp and local sports hall with showers.

The Race
Race office and the camp will be set at swimming pool complex, nearby Babusnica center. Working hours of the Race office is Friday, July 14., from 6 to 11 pm.

The race start is in Zvonacka spa on Saturday, July 15 at 7:30 am. There will be organized transportation from Babusnica to the race start on Saturday at 6 am.

Entire 65 km of the trek will be properly marked with red-yellow ribbons, in order to distinct our trail and existing mountain markings.

Sky Ultra – 65 km 3.250 D+ 2.200D-
This race will have six Check points (CP), where you suppose to validate you competition card. Without all 6 validations your result in not going to be verified. First CP is at 14th km of the race, so we suggest you to be semi – self sustainable, to carry enough water and energy gels. At CP 3, 37,5th km of the race is inspection of mandatory equipment. After CP4 at 49th km start ascent to Golemi Stol, most technical part of the race where you have to be very careful. Last CP is at 57th km of the race, and after that you have 8, flat kilometer to the finish line in Babusnica.

Time limit is 14 hours, meaning that you’ll have to be at the finish by 11:30 pm at Saturday. There will be also two time gates, at CP 3 you’ll have to be by 4 pm, and CP4 by 6:30 pm.

Sky Ultra Relay 37,5/27,5 km
First relay start along with ultra-runners at 7:30 am. The relay change will be at CP3 (37,5 km, 1,850 D+, 1.140 D-). First relay runner will hand out verified competition card and race number to second relay runner who’ll run second leg of the race of 27,5km, 1.400 D+, 1.100 D-, to the finish in Babusnica.

The relay race has same time limits as Sky Ultra race.

What you may expect at this race is fabulous viewpoints, deserted roads, picturesque villages, brisk drinking water springs and true adventure, away from civilization. Don’t be surprised if you cross path with roe dear, boar, fox, wolf or viper, but don’t worry, they are majority there.

Mandatory equipment
• Whistle
• Survival blanket (astro foil)
• Cell phone
• Headlamp (mandatory for all participants, with exception of first relay)

For each missing part of the equipment penalty is 30 minutes to finish time. If two pieces of equipment are missing, consequence is disqualification. If you lose your competitor’s card or start number, disqualification is automatic. Be careful, it’s mid-July, so carry enough water with you.

Fees and registration
Registration is, as usual, possible only via trka.rs portal. Opening of registration is April 6, and last registration day is June 26 at 4 pm. After that day registration or reimbursement would not be possible.

Fee for Sky Ultra is 3.200 dinars. Competitor’s package will include active t-shirt.

Fee for Sky Ultra Relay is 4.000 dinars, both competitors will receive active t-shirts.

Each competitor will receive voucher for after the race lunch in “Dva Slavuja” restaurant, st. Sase Ivkovica 60, Babusnica.

Award ceremony
Award ceremony will be held at the finish line in the Babusnica center at 8 pm on Saturday, for first three places in male and female category, as well first three relay teams in male, female and mix (male – female) category.

Trek profile, maps, gps records, and race office location could be found here:
First relay map
First relay profile
First relay gpx
Secound relay map
Secound relay profile
Secound relay gpx
Ultra 65km map
Ultra profile
Ultra gpx
GE Babusnica important locations