Bobija SkyTrail & Ultra SkyMarathon
28th – 30th April 2016. (25 i 56km)

““Trešnjica refresh”
The SkyTrail and the Ultra SkyMarathon Tornička Bobija are scheduled for April 29. (This is Easter Friday – non working day in Serbia). The event will be held in the most vivid parts of Ljubovija municipality and the Bobija Mountain. All 2015 race participants know what to expect, while the others will just about to be acquainted with one of the most beautiful competitions of the Serbia SkyRunning League. Many of you witnessed how Tresnjica Canyon was wild in September, but no need to worry this time. The weather conditions in April will be much better and the Spring “robe” of this pearl of Western Serbia will be quite different.

We have prepared two SkyRunning formats for this race, the SkyTrail – 25K in length with 1.580m ascent and 600m of descent and the Ultra SkyMarathon with 56K and 3000m of ascent and 2000m descent. The race start is scheduled for 8 am from the center of Ljubovija, in front of the Ljubovija city hall. First 3 km of the course runes through the town streets and after that continues by the slopes of Bobija with the view on Drina River, and passes by picturesque pastures, orchards, coniferous forests with unpaved trails, great for running.
The first checkpoint KT1 "Vidikovac Nemić" is located at 8th km. There will be water refreshment, as well as control cards validation for both races runners. Second checkpoint KT2 " Četinarsko Raskršće " is located at 18th km with refreshment, water, food and control cards validation for both distances. The KT2 is also a junction from where the course to the left (north, Prisedo) takes participants of the 25K race, and to the right (south, view at the Drina Omega) the 56K race participants.
The 25K participants can expect some 100m of asphalt road at 20th km, and then a steep climb in the next 2-3km. This part of the course is so steep that could be considered as a serious Vertical. It is the shortest and most attractive trail leading to the Tornička Bobija summit. The 25K finish is by the “Forest Hut” where your drop bags will wait for you and where you’ll have an after-race lunch.
After the KT2 " Četinarsko Raskršće " the 56K runners takes right path toward the viewpoint and after 3km reaches the place with the best view on the Drina "Omega". The course goes then around Boškovac, to the village Zabrđe, from where descend 5-6km (pay attention to the springs) to the most beautiful canyon of the region, the Trešnjica Canyon. The trail which goes through a canyon is known as “The Students Trail", since the surrounding villages students used it daily to go to school. It’s a true goat trail, with steep ascent, and then, in that part, you’ll descend to 300 m altitude. The Special Nature Reserve "Trešnjica Canyon" is known for steep slopes and untouched nature, a cross road between the river and the Tribuće Canyon, the home of griffon vultures, nature scavengers (make sure not to become their prey, since Boškovac is currently home of 24 pairs of these “masters of the heights”). Take the opportunity to refill water in Zabrđe, because you have a tough climb after you leave the Canyon to the next checkpoint KT3 "Students point' at the school in Gornje Košlje village, which is at 33rd km (so distance between KT2 and KT3 is 15km). At the KT3 will be refreshments, sweets, food, fruit, water and control cards validation. After the KT3 comes a clear and wide gravel road to the next control point. The KT4 "Forest house" is waiting for you at 41st km, with water and validation of control cards. Your race does not end at this point. You’ll have to continue further to Rudnik and downhill, then you will make a circle around Bobija to the KT5 "Prisedo" at 51st km, where you will have water and control cards validation. On this section you will have 1.5 km of asphalt. Similarly to the 25K competitors you can expect here a strong vertical climb on Tornička Bobija, and finally the finish at the “Forest Hut”. This will be the second time that you come to the “Forest Hut” but this time from the back, so there will be no a single meter of repeated course.
The limit for the SkyTrail competitors is 5 hours and 30 minutes (1:30 pm at the finish). All runners after that time will have no placement. The limit for the Ultra at the KT3 is 6 hours 45 minutes (2:45pm), KT4 8 hours and 20 minutes (4:20pm) and the KT5 10 hours (6pm).
All competitors will have a welcome lunch at the finish, with a great view of Medvednik. Your drop bags will be waiting for you at the Forest Hut.
After the race the transportation to Ljubovija is organized by bus , which will be parked 200 meters from the “Forest Hut”. As you arrived at the finish, you will be asked to wait a little bit until we form a group for transport by bus. We are asking you for a little patience until the next bus departure. You can relax in the nature after the race and enjoy. Transportation by bus will be provided for participants of the race only.
Registration and distribution of participation packages, similarly to 2015, will be held in the premises of the secondary school "Vuk Karadzic" in Ljubovija, from 6 pm to 10 pm on Thursday, April 28. The bus departs the parking lot of the Belgrade Arena at 5 pm on Thursday, April 28. First 50 registered participants with a paid fee will have secured place in the bus. The camp area is located in front of the school. You will be also able to sleep at the school’s sports hall, but you’ll have to have your own sleeping bag and the mat. Address of the school: Drinska bb, Ljubovija. Ljubovija has limited accommodation facilities, so we recommend the campsite and the school hall for lodging. Contact person for accommodation in Ljubovija and around is an officer of the Ljubovija Tourist Organization: office.tolj@gmail.com and office@tolj.rs
Registration fee for the SkyTrail is 1.400 dinars, and for the Ultra SkyMarathon 2.600 dinars. As usual, registrations could be done only through the portal: trka.rs
Maps, course profile, GPX, GE of start, camp and the race office are in attachment of this document. The registration will be open in February, final date for registration is April 10.
Best results on 25 K in 2015: Male – 2:03, Female 3:10, on 56 K – Male – 5:55, Female – 7:47.
Bobija SkyTrail & Ultra SkyMarathon 2015

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